FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

See here all the necessary information for your main questions.

In case a product does not meet the needs of the customer there is the possibility of replacement;

After studying and selecting the appropriate product in your application, it is necessary to clarify whether the installation of the product has been done correctly. In case this is correct, our company replaces the product at its own risk.

Why should I prefer PROFAN MOTION SA over the competition?

I will prefer the company PROFAN MOTION SA because it will provide me with reliable and economical solutions for my applications. Our company has learned this from the experience of 30 years in the market, the continuous evolution of its human resources and through its continuous new collaborations with factories that offer state-of-the-art technology in the specific types of products.

How reliable are your company's products?

The products of our company have all the certificates and the guarantees of good operation under conditions of always correct placement. More specifically, refer to the section of our site Certifications.  

What are the application areas of your products?

The application sectors that our products have to do with: Food - Beverage Industry, Textile, Printing, Paper, Post Office, Wood Industry, Tobacco Industry, Agricultural Industry and Machinery, Airport-Material Management, Machinery Equipment, Machinery Equipment - Machinery Equipment -Tires, Cement Industry, Mining and Quarrying, Marble Industry, Brick-Ceramics, Steel-Metal Processing, Recycling-Biological Purification, Chemical Industries-Refineries, Energy, Natural Recyclants.  

What kind of products does your company have?

 The company PROFAN MOTION SA was founded in order to provide reliable products and services to its customers. The sector you are active in is the supply of traffic and transport items where there is a need for traffic. More specifically, we provide electromechanical equipment covering the entire range of applications. In short, some of our product groups are gearboxes, conveyors, power belts, electric motors, bearings, rollers, inverters, etc.  

What are the goals of PROFAN MOTION SA in the near future?

Our company has as its primary goal the immediate and quality service of its customers. This lays the foundation for success. That is why our clientele is growing rapidly. The company PROFAN MOTION SA operating all these years with standards of organization of large companies providing the customer with the right products and services.

How can I choose the right product for my application?

Our company has human resources with excellent experience and mechanical knowledge, standing next to the customer, researching and studying its application, we always end up with the right combination of products.