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30 Years of Experience in Transmissions,
with Top Quality and the Best Price in PU Conveyor Belts,
Motors, Bearings, Automations, Inverters...

Here, you will find Motion Transmissions, complete solutions from design to implementation. We own, in the Greek market, drive products for any mechanical and electrical applications. Our company specializes in the field of Industry, with thirty Years of Experience.

More specifically, in the wholesale and retail sale of industrial transmissions such as conveyor belts, drive reducers, single or three phase motors, FLENDER gear motors, Inverters, PLCs, Monitors & Automation Products, Servo motors, Electric motors, Angular transmissions, Turns, Drive chains, i.e. a wide range of drive products.


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Support & Logistics

Chief Executive Officer

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Sales Department

Sales Movement Dept.

We support our customers. There is always a technician, with proven knowledge, for you.
Accounting and Logistics

Accounting and Logistics

Our accounting department is at your disposal. Angeliki has the ability to tell you about your account.


Conveyor belts

Our Conveyor belts are aimed for food, handling, packaging, airports, fitness corridors as well as wherever there is a need for transportation. We also have tape processing materials and machines such as welding presses.

Our conveyor belts are custom made at the desired dimensions, hotmelts or fasteners or on-site at the customer's premises.


We have a large stock of three-phase and single phase electric motors of Italian and German origin.

Electric motors are the driving force of the industry, due to the need for movement and transportation, transforming electrical power into kinetic energy. We also offer three-phase electric motors directly at the following power ranges from 0.18 KW to 30 KW from 900 rpm up to 2800 rpm in B3, B5, B14.


Profan Motion S.A. represents the whole range of SIEMENS automation products. We own Plc, Inverters, Monitors, LOGO etc.

Our fully trained staff is ready to provide you with any technical solution, information as well as to fully undertake your automation.


Profan Motion S.A. it has a wide range of gearboxes in STOCK. We have Straight Drive Gear Units, Angular Drive Gear Units, Angular Gear Units, Drive Gears.

We represent the Italian company SITI spa and Zambello as well as the German company FLENDER SIEMENS in Greece. There are instantly available Drive Shifters in all sizes with many Reduction Ratio options.

Ball bearings

NSK's products and solutions are pioneered wherever there is movement, but also wherever the most difficult conditions prevail. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of roller bearings, linear technology and steering systems, we offer high quality solutions that are tailored to a wide range of industries and business sectors.


We have Inverters for any application. With Inverters, we achieve a reduction in power consumption by adjusting the frequency of the current.

Our dedicated staff provides direct technical support for customizing and installing Inverters.

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Brands & Labels


Food, Textile, Airports, Packaging, Paper and Printing, Materials handling, Cutting and punching, Wood and raw materials and many more.

Areas of application

Food and Beverage Industry, Textiles, Printing, Paper, Post, Wood Industry, Tobacco Industry, Agricultural Machinery and Machinery, Material-Airport Management, Machinery Equipments, Bottling and Bottling Industry, Automotive and Rubber Industry, Cement, Mining and Quarrying Industry, Marble Industry, Bricklaying-Ceramics, Steelworks-Metalworking, Recycling-Biological Cleaning, Chemical Industries-Refineries, Energy, Natural-Recyclable Sources.


Gears, Engines, Inverters, Tapes, Tracks, Pulleys, Pulleys, Pulleys, Moving Chains, Rollers, Pulleys, Grids, Screws, Special Metal Components, Conical Splices, Axial Clamps, Heart Crosses, Tympan Investments, Lubricants, Straight Cufflinks, Welding Devices and many other moving and transport products.
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